handcrafted plant medicine

all of our products are handcrafted from the highest quality ingredients. we are mindful to source certified organic, sustainable ingredients, from farms that are ethical and fair-trade. everything is intentionally formulated by our certified herbalist to support the balance of your body +mind + spirit.


What I love about Biophilia Apothecary, is you can feel the intention and care that is poured into each healing tea blend. Jude has a deep well of knowledge on all things plants and herbs and I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him on multiple occasions including: community meetups & gatherings, flower workshops, and more! Jude helps you create a unique connection & understanding of plants & herbs by honoring the healing properties and reigniting your childlike wonder of connection to Mother Earth. I highly recommend collaborating with Jude from Biophilia and create a high vibe experience for your community to enjoy!
Having been a major tea lover for many years, I was absolutely blown away by Biophilia’s teas! The Euphoria blend quickly became my favorite and a must have at all times! It’s soothing taste and vibrant color always made such an impression every time I served it at gatherings! I even started serving it at my sound baths to contribute to the soothing experience. Forever a favorite!
The euphoria tea blend is one of the most soothing blends of tea I’ve ever tried. Not only does it taste amazing, but it provides a multi-sensory experience with the beautiful color that emerges once it’s been steeped. I add a touch of oat milk for a tea latte and it is actual heaven.