biophilia means a love of nature, a love of life. It is a natural and intrinsic quality of being human. as humans, we have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. we naturally seek to surround ourselves with, and attempt to recreate and emulate the forms and intelligent designs of Mother Nature.

our mission at biophilia is to facilitate the reconnection of our community with Nature. this connection is easily lost in dense and busy urban environments. constant stress, traffic, work environments, and overstimulation through technology take a toll on our health. at biophilia, we work with Nature as a therapeutic tool to create balance and vibrant health. handcrafted plant medicine (herbals teas, liquid tinctures, salves, etc), indoor plant design, and relaxing wellness events, including yoga and sound therapy, are the ways we provide our community with the tools to balance the stress of urban life.